hot and dry 07/25/2010
Oh my.....I don't know how hot it is in summer here untill 7 years ago. Las Vegas is really hot in summer that could melt everything you leave in a car longer than 20 mins. I wish the summer past faster. I working on my new soft body dolls for my mother. She make dolls clothes using nylon fabric and flowers. As soon as some of the doll finish, I will post picture here. take care everyone. stay out of the heat.
Recently, I has been shopping on ebay website a lot. I plan to go visit my parent in Thailand ( next month ). There are  a lot of things they asked me to buy. I think it is cheaper to bid on ebay ( if I win ). Well, I did save a lot of money throgh bidding and buy it now items. I got a lemom twist dollhouse for 50% of the price. I think it's good if you know how to bid and cheack the seller review. Save money is good, but try not to spend it is better! 
I don't really have time to do a doll longer than one day. I try to finish a doll as soon as I can. BJD is different than other dolls that I have been working on. It's a lot of detail of joint part. I like BJD, but it's hard for me to finish it. Well, I usually make BJD in paper clay since it's easy to sand of the parts and make it smooth more than polymer clay. I do like the polymer clay texture better than paper clay. Dorothy is a polymer clay. She is same size as barbie, but a little bit shorter. She face is a bit like cartoon anime more than real person. May be, I will try to learn more of BJD if I can.
I took the picture under the sun light. The chair I bought from Ross for 6 USD. I think it's great size for Barbie!! so cute.

I want to get a better picture, but look like I need to buy a better camera. I will have to wait a little bit for it. NO money! LOL For more picture, visit gallery page.
Snowwhite done!! 07/14/2010
I working on Snowwhite today and finish her before to sun go down. Yeah!!. Mostly, I Always took pictures of my work at night time because day time I have to take care my daugther. She is always doing sometihing. Anyway, look like I will be making more charactor dolls for fun. Love it!!! for more pictures go to gallery page.
How are you doing? It's quite hot here in Las Vegas. I took my daugther out to play at the park on 1 pm. What a crazy idea? well, I think is a good day to go out and play.  I already plan to do another doll tonight. If you have any idea what should I make, let me know. I love surprised. I also plan to have a blog give away. May be next 2 months. It always nice to give something for someone who want it. take care everyone.
I join ADO blog. It 's really fun. I think may be I should try to do other charactor from books or movies too.
My Alice is 5.5 inches. She is perfect size for miniature dollhouse 1/12.  It was hard to sew her cloth, but look like everything come out ok. If you come to check out my blog because of ADO contest, I will visit your blog ( if you join Alice with the ADO ). Thank you for looking!! for more picture , check out my gallery page.
Alice can stand by herself, so I don't need a stand. I think I might make wood tree that Alice fell down and saw drink me bottle. It might be a lot of work .LOL .

update picture of Alice in front of my miniature shop.

4th of July 07/05/2010
Do you have fun? I went to my friends and my boss parties. It was great! I made custom roombox for sale 3 orders. I can see some of the pictures on gallery page. If you are interested in it, let me know what you want. I can mde some shadowbvox or roombox. The price start at 89 usd and up  ( if it a lot of detail, price will be higher ). I think it is great price. I just start to sale it, so this is the promotion price. take care.
vacation anyone? 07/01/2010
I just came back from Redondo beach. It's pretty cold there compare to Las Vegas. It was 68 degree at the beach. I wasn't expect it, so I pack my bag with all summer clothes for my family. We end up have to go shopping for jacket for my daugther. LOL . There are a lot of interesting stores. I got a lot of ideas for my miniature dolls. I guess I should take a vacation more.