I don't really have time to do a doll longer than one day. I try to finish a doll as soon as I can. BJD is different than other dolls that I have been working on. It's a lot of detail of joint part. I like BJD, but it's hard for me to finish it. Well, I usually make BJD in paper clay since it's easy to sand of the parts and make it smooth more than polymer clay. I do like the polymer clay texture better than paper clay. Dorothy is a polymer clay. She is same size as barbie, but a little bit shorter. She face is a bit like cartoon anime more than real person. May be, I will try to learn more of BJD if I can.
I took the picture under the sun light. The chair I bought from Ross for 6 USD. I think it's great size for Barbie!! so cute.

I want to get a better picture, but look like I need to buy a better camera. I will have to wait a little bit for it. NO money! LOL For more picture, visit gallery page.


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