Do you have fun? I went to my friends and my boss parties. It was great! I made custom roombox for sale 3 orders. I can see some of the pictures on gallery page. If you are interested in it, let me know what you want. I can mde some shadowbvox or roombox. The price start at 89 usd and up  ( if it a lot of detail, price will be higher ). I think it is great price. I just start to sale it, so this is the promotion price. take care.
7/9/2010 02:45:28 am

Your work is so beautiful. She is a perfect Alice beautifully dressed and a lovely face.

7/10/2010 06:10:01 am

your Alice is wonderful!

7/10/2010 10:34:58 am

I think your Alice is quite lovely.


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