I join ADO blog. It 's really fun. I think may be I should try to do other charactor from books or movies too.
My Alice is 5.5 inches. She is perfect size for miniature dollhouse 1/12.  It was hard to sew her cloth, but look like everything come out ok. If you come to check out my blog because of ADO contest, I will visit your blog ( if you join Alice with the ADO ). Thank you for looking!! for more picture , check out my gallery page.
Alice can stand by herself, so I don't need a stand. I think I might make wood tree that Alice fell down and saw drink me bottle. It might be a lot of work .LOL .

update picture of Alice in front of my miniature shop.

7/9/2010 02:55:02 am

Your Alice is gorgeous! I would love to see what you could do with some of the other charaters.

7/9/2010 06:27:15 am

it was difficult to find the place to post a comment!
Your little Alice is so pretty! Nice work!

7/9/2010 07:54:36 am

She's beautiful and sweet. Great job.

7/9/2010 09:26:58 am

What a sweet little Alice!

abi monroe
7/10/2010 03:12:33 am

She is fantastic!!!

7/10/2010 12:20:32 pm

Very much Alice !

11/11/2010 02:30:06 pm


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