It's almost 4th of July. I saw a lot of craft and firework booth everywhere. I have to work on the day, so I won't be able to see any firework. It's so sad. Do you have a plan? good for you. I make a lot of small dolls to give away and dolls for party favor. It's good season to get marry and have party outdoor. Don't forget to take care your family and yourself. happy holiday!!.
Recently, I tried to make new products to put onsale at . the seller name is craftlovers. I got some of the items done, but still I have to make more things before I start open my store for sell. I you have any idea, let me know. it might help me.
It's getting hot here in Las Vegas. I hope nobody sick from the heat. I still try to make my special doll. You can see some of the pictures of my bunny and bear set in the gallery pictures. I don't know what to name them yet. Happy Father Day!!!
Sorry guys!! I just get better from flu. I guess we all have to be careful with the flu and allergy in this season. All my family and co-worker got flu. Anyway, I got in to animaton and manga convention in CA. I was interested in sculpting manga character for a while. It's always a new manga and interesting characters. I means if you like to make dolls of your own. Your imagination will never end. I have been making 4 dolls for last week. I will update pictures as soon as possible. have a good day!!
NIce to meet you all!! I has been making dolls for about 2 years now since I have to quit my job and stay home. I just go back to work outside for 3 months, so I might come up date blog every 2-3 days. You are welcome to leave comment on contact me.
I will be posting handmade flower today. I has nylon and silk flower pin and tree. If you like to know more about nylon flower, you can buy books at Just search on nylon flower book. I guess everyone know silk flower, but if you like to know more about it, you can also go too. There are a lot of silk flower book, but I see only one nylon flower book in English.
Don't forget to check out the event page! today ADO blog has Alice in Wonder Land Blog Event. If you like to know more just check at event section.